Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Little About Me :)

 Hi my name is Elexia. Im really interested in writing and making new friends as well as I am in drawing, singing, and playing either the guitar or piano. I also love reading and am obsessed with the series, "The Mortal Instruments." I am starting to write a teen fiction novel on Some people may know that website, some may not. I am also a member of and am also very obsessed with manga. I am a very good listener, enjoy helping people get through their situations, and am very good at helping others with any problems they have. I am also the person who all my friends go to to complain and update me on the latest news. Some of my friends describe me as 'blonde' and thus label me as someone really slow and airheadish( I know thats not a real word BTW). Well... I'm not about to argue with that logic because just today i went to see the new movie "hunger games"(Loved the book) and i brought my house keys with me to the theatre. The theatre was in the east Brunswick mall and I live 30 minutes away in Old Bridge. Well right when I got home I realized I left my keys in the movie so we had to drive all the way back and spend 10 minutes looking for the damn house keys. Luckily we found them in the end, but things like that always seem to happen to me. This other time I went bowling and I came home with my bowling shoes still on. I didn't nothice them still on me and we had to go back to the place to return my rented bowling shoes and get back my real shoes. Im amazing right? Well anyway enough about that. I doubt anyone one will even see this blog but if anyone ever needs some advice about anything, I am pretty good at giving it. Just give me any questions you have or ask me anything thats troubling you, I'll help right away with no questions asked. I don't know about you people reading this, but I find it much easier to talk about certain things with strangers over the internet, not that I would meet them later on cause that would be weird and not smart, (BTW I am cot some creepy old man on the internet looking for helpless little girls to do bad things to, not that that is funny), than with someone close to me such as my mom.